Your IT strategy speed dial

A high performing, cost effective IT department starts with great vision (where to go) followed by a great strategy (how to get there).  

Our consultants at CIO Resources have diverse backgrounds in terms of industry, company size, technical complexity and corporate culture.  We are practical (and frankly downright frugal) and can coach or provide advice in a variety of areas or engage in a “deep dive” to thoroughly evaluate particular areas of your IT function.  We are just as comfortable adding immediate value via a quick phone call or email as we are with extended strategy projects.

And, while we truly live to help build great IT functions we won’t lie or erroneously judge your existing team to get your business.  If we don’t have the core competency to do a great job for you we will tell you and help you find someone who can.  And if we think your existing team is doing a good job we’ll tell you that too.  If we can help a good CIO be a great one we love to do that more than anything.





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